Perhaps my heading should be reversed. I am a researcher and editor….who sometimes gets time to write.  My day job is behind the reference desk of the Callaway County Public Library, where I research all day long, sometimes on topics far from my natural interest. It’s a good way to  learn something new every day, so I know a little bit about many subjects, without being an expert in any!



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  1. Margot says:

    Hi, Carolyn! I love your website–very professional! And I love your writing, especially the memoir pieces you’ve posted. Keep up the GREAT work!


  2. I’ll be back after the challenge, nice blog indeed. Lovely honest stories of a simpler time.
    maggie at expat brazil

  3. Laura Purcell says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    Ran across your book about the Branch Family, I have been trying to do some family history; my Great Grandmother Missouri Belle (Branch) Buckner is James Daniel Branch daughter. I would like to order the book for my mother. Thanks Laura Purcell

  4. Yvonne O'Riley says:

    I have been researching our ancestry for about 6 years. My grandmother on my father’s side is Helen Branch originally from North Carolina. I have traced the Branch (Braunche) back to 1466 in Abingdon and possibly further to France in 1350 where the family name was DeBraunche.
    I would love talk with you some time. seems we are family.
    my husband and I were just in the UK this past week. (Still recovering from jet lag) We spent the last two days our trip in Abingdon and spoke with the local historians. We also took a lot of pictures!!!
    Love to hear from you.

    • carolynbranch says:

      Hello Yvonne,

      How wonderful to hear from you! I always get excited when I find a new relative. You do realize that I am only an in-law? My husband is the Branch, sometimes he teases me that I only married him for his family. But it has been almost 52 years so I guess there must be something else there.

  5. A.M. says:

    Do you review books that are suggested or of your own whim?

    • carolynbranch says:

      For many years I reviewed whatever I happened to read and wanted to share. I reviewed on Amazon, GoodReads, my blog, and on my library’s website. About a year ago, I was invited to join Netgalley, an organization that provides pre-publication ebooks to reviewers. The only difference that has made is in the sheer quanity of new titles I have available. Books are “suggested” to me constantly, not only by Netgalley, but also by authors and publishers. I still read and review whatever appeals to me personally.

  6. Dawn Branch King says:

    Is your Branch line and Branch book for the southern Branch family as opposed to the the New England line of Branches? And are you related to Christopher Branch of Virginia? Or the George Branch line of Virginia? I am researching North Carolina Branches related to George Branch of Isle of Wight/Southampton VA so I wanted to know if your book would address that Virginia line. Thanks so much!
    Dawn Branch King
    Ayden NC
    PS I have also researched a Missouri Branch line: From 1850 census brothers, William, Wilson D. and John C. were in a household alone in Franklin County, Missouri. Are these of your line?

    • carolynbranch says:

      Hello Dawn,

      Thanks for stopping by! My book, Branch Family History, traces my husband’s DIRECT line from John Braunche of Abingdon, through Christopher Branch of Kingsland Plantation in Virginia, to the Branch family that came to Callaway County, Missouri before 1840. Transcribed wills, land and court records to support each generation are included. The line from Christopher is through his oldest son, Thomas. I don’t think there is anything on George Branch of the Isle of Wight, because I did not include collaterals.
      I wrote the Branch History in 2007. At first it was only available on Lulu.com in a full color edition. Recently, the same text and photos were republished in a cheaper black and white edition on Amazon.com. Here’s the link:

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