YOUYour family history research begins with YOU.

Before you sign on to Ancestry, even before interviewing your parents and grandparents, you should fill out an individual worksheet for yourself. The information recorded on this sheet forms the foundation for all your future research.

Start with Yourself

Start with yourself, the known, and work toward the unknown. Find out all the vital information you can about your parents and write it down. Then find out about your grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.

Names, Dates, Places, Relationships

Gather all the names, event dates and places that you can. Use a lineage chart and family group sheets to help organize the information. People can be identified in records by their names, the dates of events in their lives (birth, marriage, death), the places they lived, and by relationships to others either stated or inferred in the records.

Home Sources

The place to begin is at home. Here you can find much information in family Bibles, newspaper clippings, military certificates, birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, diaries, letters, scrapbooks, backs of pictures, baby books, etc.

Use Printed Forms to Record and Organize your Research


Y is for You.  Blogging from A-Z.


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