Y is for Yellow – the color of sunshine

Yellow has always been my favorite color. Just looking at yellow makes me feel good, so I try to surround myself with yellow whenever I can.

The walls through most of my home are a very pale yellow called Banana Split. I fell in love with the shade at Westlakes and keep going back to buy another bucket.

I wore a yellow dress on my first date with my husband. I wrote about buying that dress back in 2013.

I LOVE yellow flowers. I have forsythia, jonquils, sunflowers, yellow roses, yellow tulips & crocus,  and of course, a bumper crop of pretty yellow dandelions.

I even have Pintrest board to celebrate my love of all things yellow.

Tomorrow is Z,  the last day of the April A to Z challenge.  Kind of sad to see it end.


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  1. Shari says:

    “Banana Split” is a great name for a paint colour, and pale yellow sounds nice. It is such a nice happy colour.


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