What’s your opinion of the occupy Wall Street movement?

You know things are messed up when Librarians start marching

I’m glad the Daily Post asked this question because the Occupy Wall Street Movement has been on my mind.  It seems to be getting bigger and there are variations all over the world.  It reminds me so much of the protests and marches of the late sixties.  Not all those memories are good.  None of us who were adults then will ever forget the horror of Kent State or the fear and confusion of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.  It was a scary time, and in some ways, as this movement builds intensity, I can’t help worrying that more turbulent, frightening days are ahead.

We need to be ready. But no one should back away from this fight out of fear.

Yes, the sixties were scary.  The comfortable status-quo got a hard kick in the behind and everything changed. Would I be willing to go back to those quiet days when blacks rode in the back of the bus, a woman’s place was (only) in the home, and gay people were simply invisible?  No. I would not go back there. Changes needed to be made.  It was time for good people to protest to ask for those changes.  I think the time for protest is here again.

The librarian in the photo above says “things are messed up” and I  agree with her.  The politicians don’t seem to be able or willing to do anything at all to fix the heart breaking problems so many are facing. People my age have been hit hard. We’ve worked all our lives, contributing to our 401Ks, building equity in our homes, paying our Social Security taxes out of every paycheck.  We thought we could send our kids to school and have a respectable retirement. Now most of us are working past retirement age, our kids are unemployed, and congress keeps talking about the social security fund running out of money.

Shake the numbers any way you want and the answer is the same: Millionaires are getting richer fast, and their tax burden has been cut in half since World War II. The middle class is slowly sinking, despite working longer hours with greater productivity. And the army of the poor is flooded with new recruits, most of them with a long history of working in lousy, low-wage jobs.

I support the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I am part of the one percent.

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