Unplugging for NaNoWriMo

The face of a black windup alarm clock

National Novel Writing Month starts in a little less than two hours. ( My alarm clock goes off in seven hours.)  I want to write this year, to write well, and especially, to write to the end.   I want to be able to go into my critique group in December with a completed novel.

But how much do I want it? Do I want it enough to give up constantly checking my G+ stream? Do I want it enough to stay away from the nano forums? Do I want it enough to completely lose track of the Republican primary? Do I want it enough to never know how Lohan comes out with her community service? Do I want it enough to miss Good Wife?

Because if I don’t want it enough to do without all those things, and others,  for one lousy month – then I will never be a writer. I’ll just be an aging wannabe.

When I finish this post I plan to unplug my router.  I’ll plug it back in tomorrow after I write 2,000 words.  Any day I don’t make 2,000 words there will be no internet, no blog posts, no email, no weather report, no forum browsing.

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