Twenty-Four Days – a thriller by J Murray

One of the best things about being a writer is meeting other writers who generously share information, ideas, and inspiration.  Jacqui Murray is a writer I met through the A-Z Blogging Challenge in April.

In Murray’s  latest thriller, U.S. and British agencies have less than a month to stop a North Korean missile strike after hijackers steal nuclear warhead–armed submarines.

A blistering pace is set from the beginning: dates open each new chapter/section, generating a countdown that intensifies the title’s time limit. Murray skillfully bounces from scene to scene, handling numerous characters, from hijackers to an MI6 special agent.

Interested? The first chapter is free.

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  1. Jacqui says:

    Thanks so much for hosting me, Carolyn. I’m excited to get to know your community. I also want to take a look at your book–Snakes in the Kitchen. What a title!

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