The Girl at the End of the World by Richard Levesque

On Scarlett’s 15th birthday a deadly plague begins. Within a few days her whole family and all of her friends are dead. At first, she expects to die with them, but she has immunity and is left alone to fend for herself. When her neighborhood catches fire, she strikes out through the city, hoping to find other survivors like herself to befriend. But not everyone who survived the plague is the kind you would want for a friend.

Scarlett never considers suicide, although she finds others who took that route to escape and understands how desperate they must have been. Scarlett turns her full attention to survival, and that’s what makes the novel so absorbing.

The Girl At The End of the World is a story of survival, a story of one strong and determined young girl who refuses to beaten down by anything or anyone. At the ending, I looked eagerly for a link to a sequel. Couldn’t find one, but I’ll keep watching Richard Levesque.

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