The End of Rose

Rose und Eis

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I’ve been thinking about Nano. At first I thought I wouldn’t do it. It seemed pointless to start another novel I probably won’t finish.

Then I decided that’s what nano should be this year. A pledge to finish. The first nano novel I wrote was the story of Rose and her husband Jim.  I’ve been working on Rose’s story off and on for years. The original story was about her fighting to save her marriage. I also have quite a bit of her childhood written.  But taken all together, I still don’t have a complete story.

This year my working title will be “The end of Rose.”  I will write new scenes about Roses life as they come to me and I will put it all together and write “the end”.  I’m not going to edit and polish. That would go against the spirit of nano. This will be all new material, but the world and  the main characters will be the same.

The new site is online. I put in my title and my synopsis.  I’m ready. Are you?
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