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Stay Focused

I’m retired. That means I can do whatever I want to do.  Right? Not exactly. Since I’ve always wanted to write, I looked forward to retirement as the “write all day” time. It hasn’t worked out like that. Even retired … Continue reading

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Checking the Details

“Use Grammarly to check for plagiarism because yo mama didn’t raise no cheater!” My Mama didn’t raise a cheater, either, but it is so easy to clip and snip online, sometimes I lose track of exactly whose words my snippets came from. … Continue reading

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D is for Details

About a hundred years ago (more or less) I used to try to write poetry. After writing and scrapping several wastebaskets full of crapola, I began to study the poems I liked and make lists of what they had in … Continue reading

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Learning something new: Scrivener

I started a new novel recently. I’m calling it Follow Me Home and so far the pieces are falling into place so easily it scares me a little. I’ve always been a “pantser” following my muse where ever it might … Continue reading

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