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C is for Children in mental institutions

In the 1950’s, Fulton State Hospital officials heard frequent requests from distraught parents and community agencies about children with severe behavior problems. There was no place for these children to go.  There had been children at the hospital before, but … Continue reading

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A is for Psychiatric AIDE

In 1958, when this picture was taken, my mother, Myrtle Paul (left), and her friend, Ann Hall, were called Attendants.  They were two of the frontline caretakers of the mentally ill at Fulton State Hospital. My mother took months of … Continue reading

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Mama was modest and didn’t usually let anybody watch her get dressed, but on the first day of her new job she called Sissy into the bedroom to help her and I went, too.  Mama had a list of everything … Continue reading

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New Novel – murder mystery set at FSH

My new novel begins with a murder that takes place in the Biggs Building, the only high security facility in Missouri for the treatment of the  criminally insane.  It’s set a few years in the past, during a sweltering summer. … Continue reading

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“He belongs out at the end of 5th Street.” That was a common phrase in Fulton while I was growing up. It was usually said good-naturedly, in a teasing way, sometimes spitefully, and once in a while, with dead seriousness. … Continue reading

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