Stay Focused

I’m retired. That means I can do whatever I want to do.  Right?

Not exactly.

Since I’ve always wanted to write, I looked forward to retirement as the “write all day” time. It hasn’t worked out like that.

Even retired people, especially retired women, still have responsibilities. Meals still have to be cooked, dirty clothes still need washing, and that bathroom still needs scrubbing. Occasionally, a grandchild needs chauffeuring, or just a little extra loving. Life goes on.

These are the excuses I say to myself.

Excuses. Because I know what really eats into my writing time.  The minutes and hours disappear down the endless gaping maw of Facebook, chat forums, newsletters, and even online game sites.

I’ve tried to make myself stay focused on my writing. But that’s worked just about the same as my efforts to stay focused on exercise and healthy eating.

Recently I found a chrome plug-in to help me Stay Focused. It works from a list I entered myself and allows me 30 minutes a day for all the  sites I’ve identified as my personal block list.  Not 30 minutes for each. Thirty minutes for all of them put together.  When my thirty minutes are up, this picture pops up on top of my screen. Shouldn’t you be Working? it asks.   I can’t get back on Facebook, or Pinterest, etc. until the next day.

So, if it seems I never respond to your comments, it’s probably because I didn’t see them.

Sorry. Now I have to go write.

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