Someone else’s love story, by Joshilyn Jackson

Someone Else's Love Story: A NovelSomeone Else’s Love Story: A Novel by Joshilyn Jackson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

That title, Someone Else’s Love Story, is a tip-off.

Twenty-one year old Shandi Pierce walks into the middle of a convenience store robbery and is rescued by handsome, smart, kind, William Ashe. On top of all that, he’s great with her three-year old son AND seems to have a lot of money. Naturally, Shandi falls in love with him on the spot. Who wouldn’t?

But that title is there to warn you and Jackson makes it clear with Shandi’s own thoughts in the beginning:

That afternoon in the Circle K, I deserved to know, right off, that I had landed bang in the middle of a love story. Especially since it wasn’t— it isn’t— it could never be, my own.

Shandi is juggling finishing college, raising her three-year-old genius son Natty by herself, and keeping the peace between her eternally warring, long-divorced Catholic mother and Jewish father. She needs someone and William seems to be “the one”.

I couldn’t help rooting for the relationship, even with that warning in the back of my mind. The twist at the end caught me off guard.  I like being surprised. And Ms Jack does a good job of wrapping all her loose ends up into a satisfying ending.

The characters and setting are well drawn and full of quirky life. Altogether a fun read – not life-changing, but thoroughly enjoyable.

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