Porch Sittin’

Do you ever sit out on your front porch and just watch the world go by? When I was growing up, porch sittin’ was an art almost everybody enjoyed.  It was a great “intergenerational” activity.  That’s a new buzz word we never heard of back then. It means the old folks sat on the porch right along with everybody else.

You hear a lot now days about how families should eat dinner together and talk. Well, of course, we ate dinner together. Where else would you eat? But I don’t remember much talking during meals, beyond “Pass the taters,” or “Quit playing with your food and Eat!” We did our talking on the front porch, especially during long summer evenings.  We talked to each other and to whoever came wandering by.

Daddy would lean forward in his old rocker and holler, “Hey, Bill, how’s it goin?” And Bill, recognizing the implied invitation, would cross the yard to lean on the porch railing, or sit on the steps.  He might stay thirty minutes, or an hour, swapping news and commiserations, maybe bumming a cigarette or a roll-your-own. Two men on a porch talking often attracted others, and the stories and laughter would last until deep twilight, when everybody went into their own house and got ready for bed.


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3 Responses to Porch Sittin’

  1. Good point. Nobody seems to sit on their front porch anymore. We don’t even have a front porch!!! We have a back porch and there’s nobody to talk to back there but each other. I’d say that’s a sign of the times…everyone just wants to sit by themselves now and not talk to their neighbors!

  2. I think porch sitting began to die out when television sets became widespread. Then everybody got air conditioning and that finished it off.

  3. Mary Bailey says:

    My front porch is an extension of the inside of my home. During the summer my neighbors and I sit on my porch and talk about the things going on, I can do paperwork on my table, we can eat, have our coffee, and just enjoy looking at the flowers that we sit out on the porch. Our porches let us see what is going on in our world. I have always had a porch to sit on.

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