Opportunity and Overalls

All of the men I have cared about wore overalls and worked hard every day of their lives. My father wore overalls. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of him in his overalls, because in his day, nobody brought a camera out except on special occasions like graduations or weddings. So all my pictures of Daddy show him in a white shirt and dress pants, looking uncomfortable and miserable.

My husband didn’t wear overalls when we first got married. He wore jeans and cowboy shirts with pearl snaps back then.  He bought a pair of overalls to celebrate his early retirement at age 58. He said he wanted to “practice up” on being an old man. He found that first pair to be so comfortable and practical, he bought three more just like it.  He wears overalls every day, now, except, like Daddy, on those special occasions.





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  1. I think this is post is a heartfelt story. My Gramps wore overalls but my dad never stopped wearing his Wrangler Jeans.

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