New Novel – murder mystery set at FSH

My new novel begins with a murder that takes place in the Biggs Building, the only high security facility in Missouri for the treatment of the  criminally insane.  It’s set a few years in the past, during a sweltering summer. The murder victim is a  local boy, a native-born son scheduled for early release.   My fictional sheriff has a hard time investigating the crime, because nearly everyone in the building is a possible suspect.  Is it one of the other patients? After all, many of them have already killed. Or is it one of the overworked and poorly paid aides?  Most of them think  the victim got off too easy with with his “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea,  just because he’s a member of an old, well-respected and well-heeled Callaway family.   “If one of us done the same thing, we’d be over in Jeff on death-row.”

I’m half way through the A to Z April blogging challenge. And I should be working on my new novel.


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  1. Julie Paul-Messina says:

    Sounds good!

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