Make Me: a Jack Reacher Novel

Make Me (Jack Reacher #20)Make Me by Lee Child

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stephen King says Jack Reacher is “the coolest continuing series character now on offer,” and who am I to argue with Stephen King?

Although it is true that after you’ve read a few of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels, you pretty much know how the story is going to start (Reacher arrives and meets a woman who needs help) and how it’s going to end (bad guys are mostly dead, Jack moves on.) It’s what happens in the middle that keeps readers coming back and keeps Lee Child on the bestseller lists.

This one is very, very dark. I hated the portrait, so expertly painted, of a small rural town where absolutely everybody is evil, or at the very least, corrupt. I refuse to believe any town, anywhere, would stand by and allow the god-awful business of Mother’s Rest to continue.

But we don’t read Lee Child looking for a realistic story, do we? Jack Reacher is a fantasy hero, the guy we all want on our side. Make Me is perfect Jack Reacher, a tidbit of romance, tightly woven suspense, and a bucketful of action.

I do wonder if perhaps Lee Child has been hanging out with Stephen King a little too much.

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