Last Chance

Mattie and Riley Roger - 1956

Mattie and Riley Rogers – 1956

Marketers use the term last chance to motivate procrastinators to get moving. They warn us it’s our last chance to buy whatever it is they are selling. We are bombarded with the phrase in online ads, TV commercials, and by reams of junk mail. We’ve had that warning screamed at us so often, most of us don’t even hear it anymore.

But what if you knew it was your last chance to hug your mother, to tell her you love her and appreciate all she’s done?  You would find time for that, wouldn’t you? No matter how busy your day might be.

What if you knew it was the last chance you would ever have to listen to your grandfather’s stories? Your last chance to learn what his fife was like?

Trouble is, no one warns us when that last chance is approaching.  It sneaks up on us, and leaves us forever after, saying “if only I had known.”

Have you missed an important last chance? Or is there a day in your life you remember because you did take the time to be with a loved one, and it turned out that was your last chance?


L is for Last Chance.  Making it to the middle of the A-Z Blogging Challenge.


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8 Responses to Last Chance

  1. johnvic8 says:

    A very touching thought. It reminded me, sadly, that I never took the time to sit down with my grandmothers and ask them to tell the stories about their childhood, what was my great grandmother’s family (her ancestry is lost), why was her family split up, and all kinds of questions that it now too late to ask.

  2. lauraclipson says:

    It would be great if we could always have our last chances.

  3. Dear Carolyn, So sweet of you to drop by and visit my blog. Your post on the letter L shares my sentiment with the letter E.
    …. Lovely post of yours this. And yes, I shall be continuing with my challenge ,marathon or not. God bless.

  4. Wow, this is excellent. I’m trying to live most days as if it’s my last chance. Not so I’m morbid about it or anything, but just trying to enjoy the moment, enjoy that my kids are 8 and 10, enjoy the day, not fret about tomorrow, but stop and enjoy the day that we’re living right now.

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