January 9, 1931 – Fulton Daily Sun Gazette


Fulton Night Police Force Called Three Times to Catch Culprit.

The Fulton night police force, including the driver of the fire truck, was kept busy for several-hours Thursday night responding to alarms from a residence on Bluff Street.  At midnight the telephone in the marshal’s office rang and a voice whispered the street address and asked for the police.  A hurried call to the house brought the information that the woman had heard some one trying to get into the house.  A search about the premises showed that the would-be burglar had evidently gone.

An hour later the call was repeated and again the police made a search of the surrounding premises without noticing anything out of the ordinary.  On the third call an hour after the second force surrounded the house as they approached but they could not find the disturbing element.  After the search one of the night force remained in the house and the others returned to the business section of town.  No sooner were the officers out of sight that the sound was heard again.  A door rattled and the officer concealed in the house slowly approached the door.  Carefully, but quickly he jerked the door open and there stood the culprit.  When the cat was brought upstairs from the basement the door ceased to rattle and the woman of the house thanked the officer for his care.download


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2 Responses to January 9, 1931 – Fulton Daily Sun Gazette

  1. Faye Zumwalt says:

    Very funny!. I have seen little kitty

    paws under doors before.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thanks, Faye. I keep finding great articles and I can’t put all of them in the book – it would be a thousand pages long! This one doesn’t mention any names, and that’s what readers of local history are usually looking for.

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