Inherit the Past by Susan Finlay

Inherit the Past (The Bavarian Woods #1)Inherit the Past by Susan Finlay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Inherit the Past starts with two old women, who don’t seem to like each other very much, sharing a meal and arguing about a terrible, mysterious secret. Margrit wants to share the secret with her grandchildren in a tell-all letter. Lotte seems determined to stop her.

I was hooked immediately. What secret? Why is Lotte so determined to keep Margrit quiet?

The next chapter skips forward several years, as Margrit’s grandson and Lotte’s niece explore a legacy left by Margrit’s death. They find a heavy wooden door in the cellar of her ancient home and when they step through it, they are thrown, one-by one, whirling, into a rocky cave in medieval Germany.

American born Max, his rebellious teen son, Ryan; Sofie, her son Tobias, and her old aunt Lotte (yes, the same Lotte) begin an adventure, trying to survive. They find Max’s mother and his grandfather, who disappeared through the time portal 20 years ago and have established new families.

You might think the secret has been revealed.

But what about Lotte’s husband Viktor? And what secret is Lotte still trying to hide?

Susan Finlay, of Columbia, writes in a straight forward, easy to enjoy fashion. As a librarian I would recommend Inherit the Past to anyone who wants to read a good story, but doesn’t want to see graphic violence or sex.

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