I wrote 40,000 new words in 14 days with Fast Draft

fast speedometerI didn’t write 70,000 words as Candace Haven insists is possible. Still, I have 40,000 words added to my novel that I didn’t have when the Book-in-a-Month class started  May 25th.

After 14 days I switched to the second half of the class. Candace calls it Revision Hell and I am not arguing with her. The idea is to go through 20 pages every day adding tension and depth, removing cliches, making sure each page engages all three senses, etc, etc.

The fast draft days were an exhilarating, 90 mile-an-hour, top down, laughing in the wind, souped-up Mustang ride.

The Revision Hell days are more like walking up the highway with a trash bag and a weed eater. I’ll get it done. But I’m not having nearly as much fun.picking up litter

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