Hugh Paul, George Washington, and the French and Indian War

Portrait of George Washington — 1772 by Charles Willson Peale

During the 18th century, Britain and France were engaged in an almost continuous struggle to see which nation would be the world’s dominant military power. Wars between the two spilled over to their North American colonies. By the middle of the century the great prize, claimed by both sides, was the Ohio Valley. If France could successfully hold it as part of Canada, the 13 English colonies would not be able to expand west of the Appalachian mountains.

By 1754, when he was 23 years old, Hugh Paul had enlisted in the Virginia Regiment. He was one of 60 men serving under a young officer named George Washington. Hugh Paul must have liked his commanding officer, even though he was only 22, a year younger than Hugh, because he stayed with Washington throughout the French and Indian War. Hugh was one of only 59 soldiers who received a Savage Land Grant, one of the first land grants given for military service.


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6 Responses to Hugh Paul, George Washington, and the French and Indian War

  1. Julie Paul-Messina says:

    so interesting Caroline! My hometown (Springfield, Ohio in Clark County was settled by John Paul, who was a scout for Lewis and Clark. We are at the start of the National Trail.
    I’m so grateful to be a Paul.

    • carolynbranch says:

      Hello Julie,

      One of my ancestors was John Paul from Ohio. Of course, John is such a common name, it probably isn’t the same man. My John Paul lived in Fayette County, Ohio.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Julie Paul-Messina says:

        Yes! I was born in Fayette County. My grandfather was Charles William, his adopted Father was Silas. There are two branches of Paul’s in Fayette County, they are related.

        • carolynbranch says:

          How about that! We’re distant cousins. I looked you up on the list at the descendants of Daniel and Hugh Paul facebook page. Looks like my John was a brother to Daniel, Jr., where your name is. John left Ohio and went to Illinois, and my grandfather, John Henry Paul, moved to Missouri.

  2. L. Moon says:

    Now That’s the way to get land.
    Neat that you found a cousin!
    A Piece of Uganda

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