How do you stay true to yourself?

What does it mean to you to stay true to yourself? Which part of yourself do you think about? –

This morning a patron showed me a quote she found and printed on the library’s public printer. In large block letters it proclaimed: Spend more time worrying about your character than about your reputation, after all, character is who you are. Reputation is just who other people think you are.  She said she was going to post it on her office wall where everyone who worked with her would be able to see it every day.

That quote, along with today’s writing prompt, started me thinking, but I’m not sure I’ll ever find one definitive answer.

Staying true to myself means doing what I know is right, even if no one will ever know. It means listening to my own conscience. It means living by Luke 6:31: And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

But that is not all it means. Being true to myself means trying every day to achieve my own dreams, to stretch myself to do more, to be more than just what is expected.  It means not giving up, not settling for “good enough.”

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