Go Away Home by Carol Bodensteiner

Go Away HomeGo Away Home by Carol Bodensteiner
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Go Away Home is a chance to immerse yourself into a world that is no more, through the eyes, mind, and heart of Liddie Treadway, coming of age on an Iowa farm during World War One. Her family expects her to marry, settle nearby, and spend her life cooking, cleaning, and caring for a farmer husband and his children. It seems her life is pre-ordained and no other path is open to her.

Before marriage, young women of the time are allowed a suitable and temporary occupation, such as teaching or sewing. Liddie pours her heart and her creativity into her sewing and hopes to turn her temporary job, as a dressmaker’s assistant in the nearby county seat, into a career. She’s never been more than 12 miles away from home, but she dreams of becoming a dress designer and traveling abroad.

When Liddie meets a debonair photographer, her life takes an unexpected turn away from respectable sewing and into all sorts of exciting possibilities as his assistant and apprentice.

Suddenly, for almost the first time in her life, Liddie must make important choices for herself. Will she be a dress designer or a photographer? Will she be a single, independent woman? Or will she marry?

Liddie Treadway is not the stock character you may expect. She is a thoroughly real woman, who makes real choices and learns to live with the consequences.

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