Crowd of 1,000 at Fox Hunt – 1929

fox hound hunt1929 Oct 19 Fulton Daily Sun Gazette

Crowd of 1,000 at fox hunt last night

Surrounding counties sent large delegations to opening of annual  event

200 dogs took part in chase

Packs of hounds got in each other’s way—more systematic plans to be carried out tonight

Failure to anticipate the size of the crowd and the number of dogs last night somewhat interfered with the smoothness of the opening program of the annual hunt of the Callaway County Fox Hunters Association on the 500-acre E. Minter Berry farm, eight miles north of this city.  At times packs of hounds were chasing  three different foxes and they crossed and recrossed on numerous occasion, causing considerable confusion.

It is estimated that there were at least 1,000 persons there, and about 200 dogs.  Jefferson City sent a crowd of 200, including District Game Warden R. E. Taft and other officials of his department.  Mexico was there 200 strong, while other towns of this section sent smaller numbers.  Judge H. A. Collier, of Columbia, Judge of this judicial circuit, was present and addressed the crowd.  Ed Watson, editor of the Columbia Tribune, one of the old time fox hunters of this section, was there with a group of Columbians and also made a speech.

Walter M. Harrison, president of the association, announced late today that he had arranged for a more systematic plan of hunting for tonight and that the sport would be more zestful and pleasing than last night.  Harrison has arranged with the owners of the dogs to divide them into several packs and only one of these will be turned loose at a time.

“They will be run until they are tired and then another pack will be turned loose,”  Harrison said.  “In that way everybody will have a good time and the dogs will not interfere with each other.”

Harrison tried out the plan early this morning and a group of hunters had a most delightful chase of several hours.  The chase this morning was started before daybreak and ended while the sun was high in the sky.

Last night’s crowd included many women from Fulton, Mexico, Columbia, Jefferson City, Montgomery City and other north central cities and a number of them took part in the chase

Early this afternoon additional hunters and hounds were arriving at the grounds and even a larger crowd was in attendance tonight.  The camp grounds were packed with automobiles, a modern sign of the times, for in former years most of the hunters came on horseback or in vehicles.  A few of the old-timers still came this time astride some of their best horses.  No accidents marred the hunt last night and the crowd was pleased with the results.

A large number of hunters have been camping in tents while many more did not get a wink of sleep staying up all night.  A big moon and clear weather are making ideal climatic conditions.


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4 Responses to Crowd of 1,000 at Fox Hunt – 1929

  1. Martin Northway says:

    What a great story and evocative photo of another time and a different way of living!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thanks, Martin! I’m working (sporadically) on Fulton Book 2, and I keep finding great stories that didn’t happen in Fulton and don’t quite fit in the book. Watch for more on the blog – too good to waste!

  3. Svetlana Grobman says:

    How interesting!

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