Anniversary Puppy

CookieMy husband and I recently celebrated our 48th anniversary.  I went online to see what kind of gift would traditionally be associated with 48 years. Turns out the answer is: nothing.  According to Anniversary Ideas   the 48th Wedding Anniversary has no traditional materials, symbols, flowers, or gemstones associated with it.   After the first twenty, anniversaries are only special every five years!

I didn’t know that. Probably because this is the first anniversary that I have had time to think about it.  We are slowing down this year, working part time, even spending an occasional morning sleeping late together. It feels like a milestone to us because our lives are changing, entering a new phase. We wanted to do something special, to celebrate in a way that would last beyond the day. We wanted to spend a quiet day together doing something we would both enjoy and remember with smiles.

So we went to the dog pound.

Yes, I know the politically correct term now is “animal shelter”, but it’s still the place where dogs are impounded, caged, and if not adopted, eventually put to sleep.  Our local shelter is a better place than it was in 1963. The staff there were friendly and helpful. We were allowed to roam freely to make our choice. Every pen and cage was full.

The staff warned us the mixed terrier puppy we chose was a “live wire”.   They were right. I’m sure I will be telling stories about Cookie and how she took over our hearts and our home for years to come.

It may not be on the official list, but for us, the 48th anniversary will always be the year of the puppy.







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4 Responses to Anniversary Puppy

  1. Lori says:

    Cookie looks like the cutest little thing – I’m sure she’ll provide you with years of excitement and entertainment! :o)

  2. kath says:

    fabulous! What a wounderful, spunky way to remember 48 years together.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Lori – yes Cookie has already provided all kinds of entertainment! Did I tell you she ate my Kindle cord?

    Kath – Thanks! We didn’t plan it that way – the dog pound stop was completely spontaneous. But for sure we will remember this anniversary!

  4. Margot says:

    What a sweet way to celebrate! Howard and I got a rescue dog in August–another border collie–and we’re in love with him. New energy in the house, that’s for sure! Hope your Cookie is turning out to be a good friend! Congratulations on 48 years!


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