Wolf by Mo Hayder cover

Wolf by Mo Hayder

Wolf by Mo Hayder

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Wow! I read Wolf totally blind. Didn’t know what to expect and didn’t expect much from a free advance galley with no cover and no description. The author’s name was unfamiliar and I didn’t bother with a google search, just downloaded and started reading. And kept on reading. Because I couldn’t stop.

The story opens in the voice and viewpoint of an innocent little five-year old girl. Amy finds a lost puppy called Bear and exacts a “pinkie-promise” from a tall man she thinks of as a reverse Santa Claus, because of his dark beard. He promises he will find Bear’s owner and Amy knows that he will.

We don’t see Amy anymore until the end of the novel. She’s still sweet and innocent, untouched by the madness and horror that culminates when Bear’s owner is found.

Bear has escaped from a dark forbidding house called “The Turrets” where secrets are layered and twisted in a labyrinth that goes back fifteen years, to a vicious double murder that shocked the countryside.

Jack Cafferty, a Detective fighting his own demons, works throughout the novel searching out secrets. His viewpoint chapters are interspersed with several others, including Oliver, a brilliant scientist who has grown old and feeble and with Oliver’s wife Matilda, a sixty year old woman who is stronger and more resourceful than anyone gives her credit.

All the different voices are woven together seamlessly into a taut suspenseful thriller that grabs the reader by the throat and never lets go.

I looked up the author, Mo Hayder, hoping for more like Wolf, and was pleased and excited to learn that Wolf is the 7th title in her Jack Cafferty series.

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