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These are books I’ve written or edited.

99 Cent Sale!

Snakes in the Kitchen is on sale for only 99 cents this week, for all ebook readers! That’s exciting news for me, because it means my book will reach more readers.  Thank you, Three Creeks Press & Macmillan!

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Tangled Roots has a new cover!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try,  again. . . Tangled Roots, my mystery novel, hasn’t been selling very well as an ebook. Many of my wonderful friends, relatives, and neighbors bought the paperback edition, and some of you … Continue reading

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Snakes in the Kitchen

We were “river rats” – that’s what they called us. We lived in the bottoms, close to the railroad tracks and the Missouri River. Nearly every year the river flooded and turned our dirt streets into creeks full of fish, … Continue reading

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Jim’s Story – 2

“Are you still carrying that old rock?” Rose picked up the stone from the new dresser where he left it when he emptied his pockets to take a shower. Jim resisted the urge to grab it out of her hand. … Continue reading

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Jim’s Story

All day long he had tried not to think about the glorious fact that it was his last day in country.  It would be bad luck to think about it, to count on it.  But the day was over.  He … Continue reading

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The Promise of Probate: an Olive Branch

Probate records are full of family stories. While most census and other records give us hints, probate can deliver the whole enchilada and take our research back several generations at once. I found the probate record of my dreams several … Continue reading

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